Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Today's photo was taken in 2006 during a side trip from business in San Diego. It is of a small portion of the vast Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery which holds the remains of more than 91,000 veterans and family members. Although intended for both current and former military service members, very few in-ground plots remain and have been reserved for soldiers who will be killed during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, or family members of veterans already at rest there. I pray this need is modest and that somehow these wars soon end.

Located on the Point Loma Peninsula, Fort Rosecrans has breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean to the west and San Diego Bay to the east. Walking through this serene cemetery with headstones spreading out in every direction, I could not help being overcome by emotion. It is such a place of solemn beauty…truly hallowed ground.

On this Veteran's Day, please take a moment to thank those you know who have served and to remember those who never returned from service. I especially wish to thank my father, a Marine, who served in Korea.

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