Saturday, November 8, 2008

Love Dog and the Beetle

Back to the desert today. This photo was taken near...possibly within... Anza Borrego Desert State Park in California. I had been wandering around Borrego Springs and a couple of guys in a jeep told me of a road that went back into some canyons. They said I could probably make it in my rented Taurus and it would be worth the trip. Off I went and after bouncing along for a good while, passing numerous Jeep caravans, and worrying that I would get stuck at any moment or damage the car, I happened upon this young couple driving an old VW Bug. It was like stepping back in time. There was an amazing rock formation that showed how the earth at this point had undergone some massive upheaval. They were kind enough to pose the Bug with their dog onboard in front of it and, thus, this photo. The dog reminded me a lot of a family dog named Dilligaf we had when I was a kid.

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Tasha said...

I love this photo! It is especially better if you click on it to see it enlarged. I love how the shape of the "bug" echoes the shape of the striations of whatever it is that makes up that rock formation. Great Shot!