Friday, November 21, 2008

Guam Bay

When you view today's photo, one response might be, "Ed sure is lucky to have visited all these cool places". Well, I couldn't agree more, even if, as was the case when this photo was taken in Guam, it took 21 hours flight time to get there and was made possible due to business. Actually, I made three trips to Guam this year. And to give you an idea of just how far away Guam is, when you get to Hawaii, you have another 7 hour (3,800 mile) flight across the South Pacific to reach the Island.
Guam is a US Territory located in the Marianna Island chain and was occupied by the Japanese for a period of time during WWII. For more information including some of Guam's history, click here..
This photo is looking over one of the many beautiful bays. I believe this one is Tolafofo Bay
Hafa Adai, Ed

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